Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Upcoming sewing plans

My students started blogging as part of their English Language Arts class, so I decided to share my existing (albeit sorely neglected) blog with them. So now I have to write more often than... Um... Every two to three years, I guess. I make no promises for any sort of regular posting on my part- I'm well aware of my flightiness when it comes to doing regular tasks. But I will try to post more of my projects, cause I do make quite a lot of things. I'm thinking about maybe writing up some non-sewing projects from time to time as well. Hope that doesn't enrage anyone to the point of rage-quitting the internet.

So! Upcoming stuff!

My school is putting on a medieval Faire, so of course, my crazy reenactor co-worker and I have gone insane with plans for costuming. He's making stuff that I can't remember, pronounce, or spell, so I'm not even going to bother talking about all of his gear. I know it's going to be awesome though and I'll link to his blog later. Whatever.

I'm going to be making a cotehardie!!! Last year I was reading Koshka the Cat's blog and saw her amazing cotehardie and decided that I needed to make one too. Koshka the Cat's cotehardie pictures I'm using her post about its construction to do it and I'm hoping to get started any day now. (Cotehardie Construction post )I'm going to handsew the whole thing because I'm an idiot. And insane. I don't care though, because it's going to be EPIC AND AMAZING and I will be the envy of all cotehardie wearers. All 12 of them. (Kidding.... I know there are more out there!) I will need to get this done by the end of May which is a lot sooner than I realized...


I need to outdo myself this year. Last year's Gala dress was pretty epic. I did end up bead the crap out of it and was working on it through a pretty insane simultaneous sinus/kidney infection that knocked me on my butt for about 2 weeks last summer. Beading while having a fever of 103 degrees is not a recommended activity.

So.... How can I outdo hand beading a dress with about 300 beads? I know! Hand crocheted lace trim! Ooh! How about 66 feet of hand crocheted trim? Yeah. I have problems.... I know. So I've started that already. I'm mainly crocheting in meetings right now, since I have a metric ton of them. Thank goodness my co-workers are cool with me doing that while I listen!

The plan for the Gala dress is a fairly plain white dress with a four tiered ruffled skirt with lace trim on each ruffle. This was supposed to be my April Gaskells dress, but I slacked off and started it too late to finish it on time. I did make a Snow White dress instead though, so that was cool!

I still need to make a Victorian bathing suit, something for the Ice Cream Social at Costume College, and I would really love to make a corset for Sunday Undies (where everyone wears period undergarments... Unlike modern undergarments, period undergarments covered most of the body.) Also, there is another ball in July that I'm planning on going to, so I should probably make something for that as well.

I'm having some issues posting pictures from my ipad, but I will fix that as soon as I can, so you can see some of the stuff I've got planned and have done.