Sunday, August 19, 2012

Turkish Pretties

I'm going to Burning Man.  I'm totally freaking out about going to Burning Man:
1. Because it's my first time
2. Because I'm a teacher and I will be missing my first week of school (Ok, first 3 days, whatever!  It's still time away from my classroom and I'm a control freak in my classroom.)
3. Because I don't have anything to wear!

There's nothing to be done about the first problem, except go to Burning Man.  The second thing I'm sorta dealing with.  Ok, I'm actually procrastinating by solving the third problem.  I'm making all sorts of Things.

It all started with me going through my somewhat extensive costume closet.  For those of you who don't know me, I do vintage ballroom dancing and have quite a few ball gowns.  I also work at Dickens Faire, so I have some more Victorian things.  I also worked at Ren Faire, so I have all that stuff too.  Then... well, I have a lot of other stuff, cause I get excited about things pretty easily and NEED to have things like a Punjubi outfit.  And some saris... And some weird ex-costumes from various theater sales. And opera sales.  Ok.  I have a problem.  I'll admit it.  (But I'm not admitting to having a sock problem, Boyfriend.)

So right.  Going through my costume closet.... So I found my beautiful Turkish costume from Ren Faire.  I love this costume.  Mostly the bottom part.  The pants are the most comfortable pants I think I own.  The skirt is fantastic.  The two of them together are super cozy and gorgeous.  I totally wanted to take them, but I totally don't want to destroy them.  Huh.  What to do?  I know!  Venture into the glamourous world of pants-making!  How little I knew then.

So I go off to Joann's.  Alone.  This is a very dangerous thing for me to do.  Actually, I wasn't even there to buy fabric at all.  I went to buy my sister and her husband their first wedding anniversary present.  (The theme is paper, so I made them paper cutouts of themselves at their wedding and framed it.  It was pretty fun to make.)  I was getting ready to head up to the front when I saw It.  Linen and rayon mix.  Spring green.  I love linen.  I love 100% linen most, but I'm a teacher and that shit's expensive.  Anyways, I had to have it.  I decided to make a turkish skirt out the linen.  I looked around for some sort of stripy material, cause turkish pants should be stripy, in my opinion.  I found a pale green, stripy suiting material (100% polyester. Boo.)  I then looked around for some sort of fancy material that I could use as a thick hem for the skirt.  I found this beautiful brocade on sale that was red on one side and pale green on the other.  I decided to use the backside of the brocade and maybe roll up the red at the very bottom.  I was super excited to have all green clothes, since green is my favorite color.

I started with the pants.  I took out my turkish pants and somewhat carefully measured them.  I noted that there seemed to be something going on in the front of the pants, but I was being silly and ADD so I paid it very little mind.  I cut out two big rectangular pieces and sewed them together to make some pant-like things.  I even did french seams like my friend, Jessica taught me, so in case the fabric started to fray, nothing would fall onto the playa.  I felt that was in the spirit of things.  Then I put elastic into the waistband and the hems around the ankles.  Then I tried them on.  They fit.... like crap.  Absolute crap.  They were bunching up all weird and were super uncozy. They looked horrible!  Where had I gone wrong?!?  I got out my original pair of pants and looked more carefully at them and saw... damn.  There was something important going on in the front of the pants, but I wasn't exactly sure what it was.  I bitched about pants on the internet and one of my friends mentioned something about a "swoop" in the pants and how easy that was to mess up.  A swoop?  Oh. Oops.  That's what that was.  I improvised a "swoop" in the front of my new turkish pants and... it kinda worked.  The front looks a bit sloppy, but... not bad!  Anyways, who cares!  It's Burning Man!  Whatever!  Yeah... (The perfectionist inside me died a little, but I decided to let it be overdramatic and ignored it.)

So, onto the skirt!  This time I measured very carefully.  I had absolutely no problems with the skirt, but I did make a last minute decision and changed the direction that the brocade was facing.  I do wish that the linen was a little less stiff, but I think that's what happens when you are impatient and don't bother to wash your material before sewing it.  (Don't do what I do kids.  Do it right.)

Anyways, here are pictures.  I didn't think to take any pictures as I was working, because I'm forgetful. Please ignore the plastic bag on my dress form (Jane).  I'm working on another project which I will try to post about soon.

 Weird pants fix.  I decided not to undo the waistband and just sewed it in a weird, ugly sort of manner.

 The pants look super awkward on Jane.  They look much better on me.  Promise.

 Here's the pretty skirt!  It's wrinkly, because it's been in a pile of stuff that I've been making for about a week.

Pretty brocade!  The bottom hem is a bit more green than it appears.

Anyways, I'll try to post more stuff soon.  It's more fun than writing lesson plans!